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A Guide To Purchasing The Best Synthetic Urine

You may have found yourself in a position where you need to pass a drug test, perhaps for a new job or for a job you are currently in. For people who like to enjoy more illicit substances or substances which may be banned due on account of company policy, you may feel worried about the prospect of failing this drug test. For this type of occasion, you may want to invest in synthetic urine, which will pass as clean, as an alternative to your own urine, which may not. Check out theĀ Quick Fix reviews.

Synthetic rrine

dhdhd784When looking to buy a safe and reliable product, you may find yourself searching for a guide to purchasing the best synthetic urine. Otherwise, you may face being caught out. The issue is that people who purchase cheap synthetic urine online, often end up being duped by companies supplying low quality, or even counterfeit products, which do not pass the tests in laboratory conditions. In fact, they show up as fake urine, which is more likely to cause you further issues than merely failing with your own urine.

Mimic the real human urine

In order for synthetic urine to pass the test, it needs to mimic some of the conditions of real human urine. Laboratory tests are being upgraded on a regular basis, to help combat the use of synthetic urine by recognizing it and tracing its source. Due to this, high-quality synthetic urines should be up-to-date with the tests being used and should contain the components within them that enable the product to pass those tests.

The checkpoints

hdhd784There are four main checkpoints for which to look. The first is that synthetic urine must contain uric acid. Secondly, human urine has a specific pH of between 6.5 and 8; synthetic urine should have the same pH level. It should also contain creatine, which is a chemical waste product produced by muscle metabolism. This is present in human urine, and the existence of it in synthetic urine is crucial to passing laboratory tests. Equally, the fake urine should mimic real urine by its density, as gravity tests are often used to help determine if the urine is real or not.

It is important to remember that some brands of synthetic urines may have worked in the past, but may not work now as testing becomes more advanced. Ensure that when you read a guide to purchasing the best synthetic urine, it is current, with up-to-date information and recommendations.